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We are going to Remix (remake) all of Paper Phenomenon projects made prior to the introduction of the Hidden Hinge Binding System in 2011 and the Hidden Hinge Plus ™.

Together we will REMIX (remake) and decorate each project.  The REMIX membership will give you unlimited access to step by step videos (NOTE: these are LIVE classes with chit-chat in the videos) on the remix of each project and the decorating process: matting & embellishing for each project I created before the Hidden Hinge Binding System!!!

Please note: The original tutorials are not included in this membership 

This is a one time purchase with unlimited access.

What will you need to participate in the monthly REMIX?

You will need to own/purchase the existing tutorial and the REMIX Membership.   I will not be changing the existing tutorial, I will be making modifications to the existing project to accommodate the Hidden Hinge Plus ™ Binding System.

Please be sure you have the original tutorial. Please understand that tutorial will not be updated to reflect these modifications.  All measurements will stay the same.

This membership will be the perfect complement to either the CVM (classroom video membership) or the Tutorial & Video Combos. These videos will not be included in the CVM.  Again, this is a Remix of the projects listed below.

  • File Under M for Memories
  • Build A Page
  • I Put a Spell on You
  • Little Miss Cupcake – Picture Perfect Super Size #6
  • My Design Mini
  • Retro Fitted
  • Sophistication
  • Toy Box
  • A Year In Review – Seasons Change
  • Enjoy the Journey
  • Project BAM – Album only
  • Life in Retrospect
  • Memories 1 2 3

Upcoming Remix project in no particular order: 

  • Back Pack Mini Album
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic Paperbag Album
  • Beach Bag Mini Album
  • Everlasting Mini Album
  • Femme Fatale Mini Album Clutch
  • Haunted House Mini Album – Album only
  • Hybrid Mini Album – Shadow Box and Album in one
  • Posh Mini Organizer/Planner
  • The Grad Album – Binder Pages
  • Ultimate Paper Bag Album
  • Soft Spine I – Fall Splendor
  • Soft Spine II
  • The Journey (Suitcase) – Album only
  • The Murse – Messenger Style Bag Mini Album – Album only
  • Little Miss Cupcake Handbag and Mini Album- Album only
  • Life Is An Open Book – Album only
  • Keepsake Box and Mini Album

Binding System

Hidden Hinge Plus ™ Binding System.

Is there another project associated with this project?

Yes, the original tutorials of the projects listed on this page

Is there a Tutorial Only available for this project?


Is this project part of a Kit Club? 


How do I access my purchase?

This purchase is an instant download.  Upon completion of your purchase you will receive two emails, (these emails will be sent to the email address associated with your purchase).

Both emails will come from  You may want to add this email address to your contacts to avoid emails going directly into your spam folder.

1st email is an Order Confirmation Notice.  This is just a proof of purchase. You want to keep this for your records.  You may need your invoice # in the future.  We suggest you make a folder in your email account for Paper Phenomenon purchases.  A folder exclusively for Paper Phenomenon purchases will allow you to keep all your Paper Phenomenon purchases in one place.

2nd email is a Download Products Notice.  This email is very important. This email provides you with a link to access your file from, but more importantly this email includes an Access ID.  Why is your Access ID important?  If you create an account in the Paper Phenomenon Shop – you will always have access to your instant downloadable files on demand.  There will be no need to contact Paper Phenomenon Customer Service (PPCS) for help in retrieving your files.  No need to provide PPCS with an invoice # as proof of purchase.  No need to wait 24 hours for a response from PPCS.  And you will avoid an admin fee for lost files.  If you lose your files and require PPCS to send you files, you will be charged a $5 Admin fee. This fee only applies to customers with more than one request for lost files.

What is

Box, is a cloud content management (storage) and file sharing service. keeps all your files in one place which allows you access anywhere from any device. When your files are stored in Box you have a quick, easy and secure way to share/access files with other as well.

Very Important is a storage site. It facilitates the sharing of files. This is how you access the files you purchase from Paper Phenomenon. is not designed to view videos like you would on YouTube. You must download the files to your computer. When you download the files to your computer you will enjoy uninterrupted viewing time. My recommendation is to download each file one at a time to avoid the corruption of files. Most tend to compare to YouTube. The is not the case. is a file sharing service. YouTube is video viewing service, like your television at home.

Please understand that if you choose to watch the videos directly from you will encounter buffering continuously. This will be very frustrating if you are trying to work on a project.

Do I have to create an account with

No, if you want to just download the file to your computer you do not have to. If you want to keep your files on the Cloud (the cloud will allow you access from any device), you will need to register with—it’s free. If you choose to have a paid account that is up to you. You don’t need to have a paid account with box to access files from Paper Phenomenon.


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