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This purchase is for both a Selling License and a Teaching License for the Paper Phenomenon Boxable Workshop.

This purchase gives you (not a Corporation or LLC.) the right to:

  1. make and sell the Paper Phenomenon Boxable Workshop boxes at craft shows and/or websites such as Captured on Paper, EBay or Etsy (no printing of tutorial for distribution allowed).
  2. teach classes for the Paper Phenomenon Boxable Workshop in a physical building (not online). You may print copies of the tutorial for each of your students to keep.

To purchase a Boxable Bundled (Selling & Teaching) License:

  1. Purchase the Boxable Workshop on a separate order. Do not purchase the tutorial and license together.
  2. Select Boxable Bundled (Selling & Teaching) License from the Shop.
  3. Check the “Invoice Number and Project Name” checkbox at the top of this screen.  In the text field that displays, type in the invoice number of the Boxable Workshop AND the name “Boxable Workshop”.
  4. Quantity” should be “1”.
  5. Click the “Add to Cart” button.
  6. At checkout, in the “Company Name” field, enter your business name, if you have one. If you are an individual, enter your own name. If you later change your business name the license will still be valid.
  7. Once your information is confirmed, you will be emailed a PDF copy of the license. Please save this PDF for future proof of purchase. Your license is valid from the date of purchase.
  8. Repeat this process if you wish to purchase additional licenses for Single Projects, Workshops or Multi-Projects.

IMPORTANT: Any license order without the required information will be refunded.

This license does not allow for mass production and/or manufacturing of the project and/or product to be sold. This limitation includes, but is not limited to: Big Box Stores, Distribution centers, Commercial environments, etc., other than a local Scrapbook Store. This license is non-transferable.

The following projects do NOT qualify for this purchase.

Please use the Multi-Project Bundled (Selling & Teaching) License for:

  • Foto Folios
  • Foto Folio Minis
  • Foto Folios 2
  • Potion & Perfume Bottles Bundles
  • Photo Mats & Inserts 1 & 2
  • Holiday Village Trio
  • Foto Decks, and
  • any kit clubs

Please use the Workshop Project Bundled (Selling & Teaching) License for:

  • Back 2 Basics
  • Cards Boxes & Bows, and
  • Retrospection 365

Please use the Single Project Bundled (Selling & Teaching) License for all other Projects.


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