What is Box.com?

Box.com is a cloud content management (storage) and file sharing service. Box.com keeps all your files in one place which allows you access anywhere from any device.

Very Important Box.com is a storage site. It facilitates the sharing of files. This is how you access the files you purchase from Paper Phenomenon.

  • Box.com is not designed to view videos like you would on YouTube.
  • You must download the files to your computer. When you download the files to your computer you will enjoy uninterrupted viewing time.
  • My recommendation is to download each file one at a time to avoid the corruption of files.
  • Most tend to compare Box.com to YouTube. This is not the case. Box.com is a file-sharing service. YouTube is a video viewing service, like your television at home.
  • Please understand that if you choose to watch the videos directly from Box.com you will encounter buffering continuously. This will be very frustrating if you are trying to work on a project.

Do I have to create an account with Box.com?

No, if you want to just download the files to your computer you do not have to create an account with Box.com.

You don’t need to have a paid account with Box.com to access files from Paper Phenomenon. The following images will show you how to access the free account: