How to Use

How to gain access to a Subscription/Collaborator File from PP.

For CVM (Class Video Membership) and other Files, you will need a FREE account.

1. Check your email for the invite (the invite will go to email address associated with your payment made to purchase subscription/kit.

This is what the email will look like when you open the email. Click on the Accept Invite Button.

Step 1
2.Next, you will see this screen, you will have to do once of two steps: Create and account with, it’s FREE.

Step 2

3. Create your Free account with if you do not have one

Step 3

4. Enter your email address and select a password of your chose. This is what you will use to access your account over and over again. So you want to remember this password or write it down in a safe place.
I will NOT be able to reset your password you will have to use the RESET PASSWORD on THE BOX.COM SITE
Step 4

Or if you already have an account with, all you have to do is log in to your existing account. You will see the folder in your BOX account– How awesome is that!!!!!

Folder Name: example: Paper Phenomenon Foto Folios (TM)

Step 5

Once you have accepted the invitation and/or created your account or Logged in to your personal existing account you can access the Tutorials/Videos by simply logging in to your account. You will see a folder in your account.


How to Add Tutorial Links to your current Account

When you purchase a tutorial through the Shop,  you get instant download (PDF) that contains a link.

You copy/paste this link into your browser and are taken to the file/pdf, etc.

You can ADD this link to your current Account with one click!

Go to your tutorial link. Then choose the button on top left called “SAVE LINK” (see photo below).


This opens to a pop-up box/window where you can RENAME the file and choose which folder to place it in.

Just type, choose and save. Now its added to  your regular so you can access it with other files like CVM or Foto Folios.