Inspiration – File Under M for Memories

This Pretty in Pink version of the File Under M for Memories album was
made by Crafter Danielle Lavoie‎!  Great job Danielle!

Danielle used BoBunny’s Isabella collection

danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-1 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-2 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-3 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-4 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-5 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-6 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-7 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-8 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-9 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-10 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-11 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-12 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-13 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-14 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-15 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-16 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-17 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-19 danielle-lavoie%e2%80%8e-20

You can pick up this tutorial HERE

Or the combo with videos HERE


  1. Connie Mitchel says:

    I meant to say punches and dies.

  2. Connie Mitchel says:

    I love your use of ounces and dies in your album. The color choice is perfect too!

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