Inspiration – Holiday Village Trio House #3

This wonderful Holiday Village House #3 was made
by Crafter Andrea Meadows Boyette!

andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-1 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-2 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-3 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-4 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-5 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-6 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-7 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-8 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-9 andrea-meadows-boyette-3-pic-10

You can pick up the tutorial for this HERE

Ot the combo with videos HERE.


  1. Lynda Nichols says:

    So amazing…are the kits, with supplies, still available?

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