Holiday Village Trio – House 3 Reveal!

I have completed the 3rd gorgeous house for my Holiday Village Trio!

I must say this one is now my favorite!

This one really makes a statement!

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Please scroll to bottom for supply video!

house-3-pic-1 house-3-pic-2 house-3-pic-3 house-3-pic-4 house-3-pic-5 house-3-pic-6 house-3-pic-7 house-3-pic-8 house-3-pic-9 house-3-pic-10 house-3-pic-11 house-3-pic-12 house-3-pic-13

Please check out this video for info on all the supplies
I used on this project


  1. I love these houses. This one is just gorgeous! I just watched the videos for the first little deck that fits inside and I’m just blown away. It is so super cute, how do you come up with this stuff?? You are always amazing me with your talent and creativity! And best of all, you have brought back the joy for scrapbooking that I had lost from doing just regular 12×12 layouts. Thank you Kathy!!

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