Splurge Crafty Subscription Box!


Splurge™ and pick up a goodie box filled with fun and functional crafty supplies!  These boxes will be loaded with a combination of, tools, trinkets, stamps, hardware, super cool finds etc…


I promise you don’t want to miss out.  Paper Phenomenon is known for cool and unique finds, and here is your opportunity to receive it directly to your door step!


Although not necessary, you will be able to use these products with all Paper Phenomenon projects. I will be sharing examples each quarter to inspire you along the way.


You can sign up and pay quarterly or you may sign up for the year and SAVE $40.  Each Splurge™ box will be mailed the first week of the month beginning in December 2016.  Each subsequent box will be mailed as follows in 2017: March, June, September, December.


Pay quarterly for each Splurge™ Box $49.95 plus shipping


Pay in full for the year for each Splurge™ Box $39.95. A Savings of $40.  You essentially received a Splurge™ Box FREE! You will be billed for shipping quarterly for each box.


Shipping USA $13 per box (to be billed quarterly)


International Shipping is based on pricing set by USPS.  You can continue through the checkout process to learn your shipping cost prior to finalizing the order.


I will share sneak peeks of the goodies on my blog, via the Newsletter and Social Media


  1. Katherine A. Kelley says:

    Is the Splurge box something that we have to choose now for the quarterly box ($49.95 &sh) or is it something that as we decide and for others who are new to you say in a couple of months can join in for the quarter coming up in that time frame?Thinking of Christmas, Birthday gift wish list present to give self or to ask family, etc. Awesome idea! Can’t wait to see – they all will be great since you do amazing selections already with kits and designs.

  2. ila Sibley says:

    What size is the scarecrow in the coffin. I am planning to buy the digital version but I want to get a scarecrow while they are available. The small ones seem to sell out fast.

  3. Vickie Lee says:

    Just ordered! Very excited and can’t wait to see a sneeky peek!

  4. Kelly Harms says:

    Are you planning to eventually offer these items in your shop (you know, so we can get more after you get us hooked on something!)? 🙂

    • Kathy King says:

      i don’t have the room to have a shop. so i don’t think so. But I don’t like to say never so we will see.

  5. Donna Atkind says:

    Oh yay!! Can’t wait. I hope I don’t it

  6. Marilyn Thurber (Merrylioness) says:

    Found what I was looking for and signed up for 1 yr. Splurge Box.

  7. Leslie Webb says:

    I’m in….and sooo excited.

  8. I would like to purchase the splurge boxes for the year. How do I do this.

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