Tutorial Download Procedure ~ Please Read

There are a couple of new steps to REdownloading your Instant download tutorials. Please take a minute to read through the steps. This will also be added to the FAQ for future reference.

When you order an Instant Download purchase (something that does NOT require a Box invite), you will first receive an Order Confirmation Notice email for your order. Next you will receive a Download Products Notice email. This 2nd email is very important! You should create a special email folder and save all  Download Products Notice emails there.

You should ALWAYS download and save your files within 30 days of receiving them.

Order Confirmation Notice email

Access Id step 1


Download Products Notice email

Access Id step 2


This contains 3 very important pieces of information, your Invoice number, the Access ID and the Download Link.

Download your file

1 Clicking the download link will take you to the Download Product page on the website.

Access Id step 3


2 Click the Download Now button.

3 A dialog to save the file will display – chose the location where you want the file to save to and then click Save.

Access Id step 4


4 The downloaded file will display in the lower left of a Windows screen, click to open it – or go to the location you saved it to and click to open.

Access Id step 5


5 Click the link in the file, as shown above.
The tutorial opens with a DOWNLOAD button at the top right.

Access Id step 6



6 Click the DOWNLOAD button and in the dialog box that displays, chose a save location and then click  Save.

Access Id step 7


You should ALWAYS download and save your files within 30 days of receiving them, however, if for some reason, they are deleted or your computer crashes, you can go to your Order History on the Paper Phenomenon website and redownload the files – however, you will need the Invoice Number AND the Access ID number found on the Download Products Notice email.

Re-Downloading a Tutorial

To redownload a tutorial, do the following:

1 Go to Paperphenomenon.com

2 On the grey menu bar, click Sign In. Enter your email address and your password and click Sign In.

Access Id step 8


3 Then click the View Order History link (only instant download purchases will show here!)

Access Id step 9


4 Click the Download link next to the tutorial you want to redownload.

Access Id step 10



5 On the screen that displays, enter your Invoice number AND your Access ID number, both found on the Download Products Notice email, and then click OK.

Access Id step 11

6 Continue as you did for the initial download, shown above.

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