Inspiration – Foto Folders 1- 3

I am loving all the Foto Folders crafters are making!

I love that each one looks so unique!

Crafter Amanda Smith’s version

Amanda Smith 1 Amanda Smith 2 Amanda Smith 3 Amanda Smith 4 Amanda Smith 5 Amanda Smith 6

Crafter Annette Fraser’s version

Annette Frazer 1 Annette Frazer 2 Annette Frazer 3

Crafter Jaime Brown Mulder’s version

Jaime Brown Mulder 1 Jaime Brown Mulder 2 Jaime Brown Mulder 3 Jaime Brown Mulder 4

Crafter Lori Parker Thomas’ version

Lori Parker Thomas 1 Lori Parker Thomas 2 Lori Parker Thomas 3 Lori Parker Thomas 4 Lori Parker Thomas 5 Lori Parker Thomas 6 Lori Parker Thomas 7

Crafter Marilyn Thurber’s version

Marilyn Thurber 1 Marilyn Thurber 2 Marilyn Thurber 3 Marilyn Thurber 4

Crafter Patricia Mae’s version

Patricia Mae 01 Patricia Mae 1 Patricia Mae 2 Patricia Mae 3 Patricia Mae 4 Patricia Mae 5 Patricia Mae 6 Patricia Mae 7 Patricia Mae 8 Patricia Mae 9 Patricia Mae 10

Crafter Patti Katai’s version

Patti Katai 1 Patti Katai 2 Patti Katai 3 Patti Katai 4

You can pick up this tutorial HERE

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