Contest Announcment!

Win A Free Kit Club Membership (EKC17)

Create Paper Phenomenon Foto Folders™

1 Free subscription to the Paper Phenomenon Kit Club EKC17.  If you have already purchased EKC17 and you win the contest, I will issue a refund for your purchase (I will be announcing 3 individual winners).

Contest Rules
In order to be eligible to win, you must complete the following using the Foto Folders™ Tutorials from EKC16 or DKC16.  Please be sure to follow the tutorials as specified:

  1. Create the Keepsakes & Tokens Trunk
  2. Create all 3 Foto Folders™
  3. Create all 4 Foto Booklets
  4. Create all 3 Foto Folder ™ Accessory Pieces
  5. Take Photos for your projects and post to my Facebook Fan Page, Link to the Paper Phenomenon Fan Page:

and to your Social Media Sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Please provide the following link in all your post: Contest Name, Project name and the following link:

Also, provide the following hashtags (#) in all of your social media post:  #paperphenomenon and the # of the paper company used.  Example:  if you used Graphic 45 papers, use #graphic45 or @graphic45.  This will ensure that the paper company will see your project. Provide photos of your project and the link to your You Tube video in all of your social media posts.

  1. Post a YouTube video showing your projects, please provide a link to my website and tutorial. Please provide the following link in your You Tube Video:

Contest End Date
Project, Facebook, including all other Social Media posts and You Tube video must my completed by, August 29, 2016, 11:59PM CST.

Please feel free to make these project using paper collections of your choice.  Pictures in the projects are not required, however, it would be great if you actually place photos in the projects.

Theme ideas, however you are not limited to the themes below.

Baby, Wedding, School, Generations, Travel

How the winner is selected?

  • Individuals will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite project. Contestants may vote for themselves as well.
  • Eligible contestants will be entered into a drawing. The name of the eligible contestant will be entered into the drawing per each vote (if you get 10 votes, your name will be entered into the drawing 10 times. The more votes you receive, the more chances you get to win).
  • The winner will be selected via a live class on Wednesday, August 31, 2016, 12PMCST
  • Link to live class


  1. Megan Elliott says:

    Hi Kathy! What a wonderful prize.
    Is this competition open to International people as well?

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