IMPORTANT: Please Read – Project License Updates

I know this is a bit long, but it is very important to anyone that wants to Sell or Teach my projects and wants to buy the required license.

Please read all the way through.

I am offering all my licenses independently of the project tutorials now. Previously, if you liked the project and wanted to buy the license, you would have to repurchase the tutorial with the correct license.

To avoid you having to pay for the tutorial twice, I am now offering the licenses separately.

There are 3 project categories for licenses: Single project, Workshop project and Multi-Project.

  • Workshop projects are: B2B, Cards, Boxes and Bows and Retrospection 365.
  • Multi-Projects are: Foto Folios , Foto Folio minis, Foto Folios 2, Potion & Perfume bottles, Photo Mats & Inserts 1 & 2 and any kit clubs (actual or digital).
  • Everything else falls under Single project.

There are also 3 types of license offered. Commercial, Licensed Copy and Bundled.

  • Commercial: Purchase if you wish to create and sell this projects at craft fairs, Ebay or (no printing for distribution allowed).
  • Licensed Copy: Purchase if you wish to teach this project Classroom style at a brick and mortar venue. This option excludes teaching online. You may print copies needed for students to follow along during the class and to take home.
  • Bundled: Purchase if you wish to get both the commercial & teaching license options and save $15 by purchasing the bundle.

So there will be a total of 9 license options, 3 types for each project category.


Procedure to Purchase a License:

1 – Please purchase the project tutorial (if not already owned) on a separate order.  Do not purchase the tutorial and license together.

2 – Select the correct license type from the Shop under the new Licenses category (Single, Workshop or Mulit-project: Selling, Teaching or Bundled)

3 – At the bottom, click to CHECK the Invoice number and project name checkbox, then, in the text field that displays, type in the invoice number of the tutorial order AND the project name of ONE project .

NOTE: If you previously bought this tutorial, please check your Order History and PayPal for either the Invoice Number or Transaction ID number. If you cannot find this information – please use the Contact me link on the website to ask for our help in finding it – DO NOT purchase a license until this info is found please.
4 – In the Company name field, enter your business name if you have one or simply your own name.
It is fine if you later change your business name – the license will still be valid.

This information will be confirmed and then you will be emailed (via the email on the order) your PDF copy of the license within a week. However, your license will be valid from date of purchase. Please save this PDF for future proof of purchase.

5 – Repeat this process for each Paper Phenomenon project you want to purchase a license for.

IMPORTANT: Any license order without the required information will be refunded.

It will take some time to update all Tutorial purchase pages to remove the previous  license options. In the mean time – please do NOT purchase them from the Tutorial purchase page.

If you have ANY questions about this, do not hesitate to use the Contact Me link on the Menu bar.


  1. Susan Brandano says:


  2. Thank you for doing this. I have had to purchase the tutorials twice a few times now.

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