National Scrapbook Day Class & Sale!

I will be having a National Scrapbook Day event on Friday May 6th at 7pm Central
Live in the Classroom I hope you can all join me!

And also a SALE!!!

PLEASE NOTE: The Remix and Class Video Memberships are NOT part of the sale.
ALL licenses are also NOT part of the sale.

To use the code:

    1. Once you have all your items in your cart, click the Checkout button (NOT the PayPal checkout).
    2. You will enter your Billing information and then click Continue.
    3. On the page that displays, there is a Coupon Code field near the top.
    4. Enter your Coupon Code or Gift Certificate code here and click Apply Coupon.
    5. Please ENSURE your balance changes to reflect the coupon code before proceeding.
    6. Now you can select the Payment Method, PayPal or Credit card and continue with your placing your order.

NSD2016 sale


  1. N Johnson says:

    Please tell me the sale has been extended?

  2. Annette says:

    Hello Kathy, I really wished you could extend you brief sale for a few more days. I wanted to take advantage of the savings . I guess i would how to wait next time. Thanks Annette Cole

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