Inspiration – Photo Mats & Inserts – Insert #1

I have started a new series in my class called Photo Mats & Inserts – instruction for these mini projects will ONLY be available if you watch the live class or are a member of the Class Video Membership, so you can watch the recording (in the Photo Mats & Insert folder). I will not be creating tutorials for these.


This is my Insert #1 – these are so versatile and can be used alone or as a nice quick gift, thank you card with photos or just as an insert in pretty much any of my mini albums, just tuck it into a pocket! Can you imagine using these as a Christmas card/newsletter with photos of your children?!


These are great way to use up your scraps as well!


You can become a Class Video member HERE, and get access to these classes – there will be more!


My version

KK #1 1 KK #1 2 KK #1 3

And below are the fabulous versions by other crafters!

Crafter Ana Zaragoza

Ana Zaragoza 1 Ana Zaragoza 2 Ana Zaragoza 5

Crafter Cathy Rogers

Cathy Rogers 1 Cathy Rogers 2

Crafter Kelly C Brandt

Kelly C Brandt 1 Kelly C Brandt 2 Kelly C Brandt 3

Crafter Lynn Frisone-Surdow

Lynn Frisone-Surdow 1 Lynn Frisone-Surdow 3 Lynn Frisone-Surdow 4

Crafter Melissa Glenister

Melissa Glenister1 Melissa Glenister2 Melissa Glenister3 Melissa Glenister4 Melissa Glenister5

Crafter Wendy Potter

Wendy Potter #1 1 Wendy Potter #1 2

Crafter Nicole Sass Lynn

Nicole Sass Lynn 1 Nicole Sass Lynn 2 Nicole Sass Lynn 3

Crafter Wendy Kilgour

Wendy Kilgour 1 Wendy Kilgour 2

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  1. Cherie Reighard says:

    These inserts and mats are a wonderful addition to any mini album or as a stand alone project. They are an easy to make quick gift to use a a thank you or substitute for a card. I love my subscription to the class video membership (CVM). Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just beginning your journey, you will find new ideas, techniques and just have a whole lot of fun while watching these videos.

  2. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    LOVE these! Again Kathy, you are always creating/constructing such amazing things!

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