Remix – Scrapbooks & Mini Albums

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  1. Jackie Kraftchick says:

    I’m looking thru my tutorials to decide about the Remix classes. In a Year in Review you show the Hidden Hinge. What will be different in the Remix classes? I thought they were projects prior to the Hidden Hinge. I’m getting confused – where am I going wrong?

  2. Lori Arnett says:

    Such a great idea. I want to sign up but when I click the link it sends me to your sight but I can’t find it. Am I Can someone please help.

  3. LANAE MILLER says:

    Will you notify ahead of time what paper lines and embellishments you will be using or will you be offering the supplies for purchase?

  4. Lisa todd says:

    Hi, I’m new here and love your work. I’m thinking about signing up. What day will the classes be on for this Remix? (Wednesdays only? ) and is the time 7pm for me. (EST)

  5. Susan Brandano says:

    There is always at least one PITA- I found this a little confusing. I’ll re-read a few more times.
    A BIG thank you Kathy!!

  6. Tammy Hubley says:

    I love this idea Kathy! Thank you! Come on payday I’m signing up!

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