Happy New Year and Inspiration

Hello Everyone!!!  Happy New Year!!!!  2015 was most definitely an eventful year.  So many highs and it’s not life without the lows as well.  I thank God for the wonderful gift of another Day, and a future of many new possibilities to share with you all.  Thank you all for hanging out with me through the years.  Thank you for your kind words of support and love.  And thank you all for the kick in pants when I needed it– LOL.  I truly love you all and wish you the best year to come.

With all my love  Kathy King


Now I have an amazing project to share with you all today!!!!  Thank you Ella En Marjan Schippers for this amazing Foto Folio 2 – Style 1.  Check it out!!!!





Folio4 Folio5



  1. Marjan en ella schippers says:

    We feel honored that you used our pictures from the foto folio on your blog. Thanks for all the wonderful designs and sharing with us.
    Love ella and marjan

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