Hidden Hinge Plus (TM) Binding System

Very Exciting News!!!!!! Hidden Hinge Plus ™ Binding System is Public. Check out the Video!!!



  1. Becky Fritts says:

    I love your ideas. Can this system be used in the Retrospection 365 album or will the extra 1/2 inch make the pages stick out from the cover? I plan to put my Retrospection album together in the next few weeks.

  2. This is so fabulous. I am new to mini albums and this looks like it will save me tons of frustration.
    A few questions.. Where can I purchase this tutorial (I saw the youtube video) and where do you recommend purchasing tyvek?
    I am so glad I found you on YOUTUBE!
    Thank you so much

  3. Connie McDonald says:

    love it, love it. THANK YOU KATHY, you are the best.

  4. Kathy – congratulations on this achievement. You are an inspiration and I wish you much success. You are wise to protect your intellectual property. I am trying your new system today! Very excited!

    Also, I will be sure to give you credit for the binding system!

  5. Samantha says:

    I love this binding system!! I made the “I Am” album and it is indeed a better way to bind pages. I’m new but I love the “box” way of viewing videos! Thanks for all you do and the thought you put into all your projects!

  6. Congrats

  7. Connie McDonald says:

    Just finished a book and anxious to try this on my next one that I will be starting very soon. Kathy you are the greatest. I so love all of the things you come up with, always a new thing to learn. Thanks again

  8. I think you’re awesome!!!!! Love the binding system and all of your projects! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

  9. Good for you for getting YOUR system patent pending. I have only purchased one other “pattern” for an interactive album from someone other than you. As soon as I purchased the pattern, a pop up stated that it would require an additional purchase of her binding system pattern as the album could not be constructed without it. Needless to say I made the purchase. I was shocked to discover that this person was selling your system as her own. Shame on her! I am so happy that you have taken the steps to set the record straight. You go girl !!!

  10. Loydene says:

    I’ve said before, and told you, that I think you are brilliant and would love to be able to sit and watch your process of creation! I am thrilled for you to hear that you’ve started the patent process for HH+. I’ve always believed that you were getting “ripped off” by other people failing to give credit to you for “remarkably similar” paper binding systems.
    But — I have to say – I hate the “Box” system for distribution of your classes.

  11. Kelly Harms says:

    What a great system! Will you be selling a tutorial about it? I hope you will so artists who create tutorials of their own album designs and want to use your binding system can point people to your tutorials for the directions for the binding system. That seems like it would be a win-win for everyone.

  12. love the looks of this system I am working on doing my first album so newbe here I would love to make some as gifts for my family thanks for sharing

  13. Victoria Daniel says:

    Hi Kathy
    I love the new binding system,i don’t remember i seen this one i could be wrong i thought you have to have papers to prof its your idea but any way you are good and thanks for sharing this with us i love it and i can wet until i make one album with this kind binding and maybe with six pages i will try thank you again.

  14. Looks like pure genius to me Kathy!! Can’t wait to try it. Thank you so much for sharing and not trying to get rich on your ideas!! Love it!

  15. The new binding system looks awesome. You’re a paper technical genius! I hope your patent goes through. I searched your site to purchase this binding system. Can someone help me find the pattern 🙂 I’d love to purchase!

    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  16. Carol Kesteloot says:

    Thanks Kathy, I like this. Will try it soon. I think you did a great job.

  17. So proud of you Kathy. Great job. So happy you got the patent and can take all the well deserved credit. Your first system was used and abused by way too many. Cheers to you on your success and your engagement.

  18. Millicent says:

    Awesome Kathy, glad you got your things protected this time.

  19. Kathy your creativity continues to inspire us to make better and better projects. Thank you so much for always improving your creative ideas and leading us so effortlessly through each project. Your instructive abilities are so well thought through and make even the most difficult concept easy to follow. You make all of us look good when we create a project. Thank you as well for sharing your amazing brain power with us. Kudos to you for patenting your genius process and thank you for always sharing with us. Without you my projects would be mundane at best.

  20. Valerie says:

    Congratulations Kathy,
    I love this new hinge system. I have made the ‘I AM’ project and the new system is indeed better. I know how much hard work goes into developing something. You are so creative and deserve this recognition. Thank you for sharing:))

  21. Thanks so much, Kathy! I love this and can’t wait to try it. I’m going to make a wedding album for my daughter and I am going to try this system! You do the best tutorials! You explain everything so well. Thanks again, and good for you for protecting your ideas!

  22. This is awesome !!!!!!!! This would have been terrific in my niece’s x2 mini albums that I made at the beginning of the year they got a little thick . LOL!! I wish that I had the ingenuity that you have. Your totally awesome can’t wait to see what you come up with next!!! Thank a million for all you do.

  23. Your hard work speaks for itself and can’t be imitated. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. Oh yes, I would love the written instructions, too. 😉

  24. Michele Taylor says:

    Kathy, Thank you so much for this early video, I have had the
    instructions for a while now and every time I began it I was
    mathematically challenged, plus I didn’t get all those wonderful
    hints and tips that I did just listening to you now. I am on my
    way now, thank you again, love your Paper Phenomenon!

  25. Brenda L. says:

    Good for you for protecting your binding system Kathy!!! It is your business and your design, it only takes a minute to give you credit for it if one uses it. How hard is that?! Well hard enough for some people. lol You rock Kathy, and the ones that know it and respect you and your business knows it too! Hugs, Brenda

  26. Gracie Mizell says:

    !!!!! luv it !!!! when can we get ahold of the instructions.there isn’t anything I don’t luv about all the work you do.you explain it so we can understand it.Thank u luv ya!!!!!!!

  27. Great going Kathy, you share so much you deserve a little
    “protection” for your great ideas.
    Best of luck on the patent!

  28. I am so loving this new binding system. Cannot wait to try it. i think it will be so nice, especially for those of us who do like to add some bulk to the pages. Thanks

  29. shannon says:

    Way to go Kathy!
    You have so much class and professionalism and it’s sad that there are those out there that be …. well you know.
    Kudos to you
    I remain one of you forever supporters.

  30. Carolyn N says:

    Genius! Thanks for sharing……

  31. Michelle Moore says:

    Holy Cow Kathy!! You are amazing, I tell ya! 🙂
    Really love this and can’t wait to utilize it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your genius with us!

  32. Dori Johns says:

    Love, love, love it, Kathy! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and creativity with us. 🙂

  33. Rockin’ it Sistah! Love it! I don’t usually make BIG bulky books like you do but I think I’ve give it a go on my next creation and see how much I will love it!
    PS: do blondes have more fun?? Lol. Mwah!

  34. I LOVE your new hinge system Plus! I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. So proud of you Kathy. Been thinking of you so often as my ex and father of my children died unexpectedly. We are so devastated and it has been so hard. I lost someone very dear to me and God is with us. I have found much peace praying for those who I know have been experiencing loss. Congrats on your patent.

  36. Kathy, I appreciate your creative expertise and the energy it takes to design. And with that creative energy you have built a very successful business. My hats off to you for protecting your designs. You are a great example of a woman owned business that keeps reinventing her craft. Stay focused on that and the best is yet to be! Go get it girl!

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