Kit Shipping Schedule & Updates

If you have questions, please email via the Contact Me link.

Kits Shipping update- for those who missed the class: As you all know I am behind on shipping– I talked about the shipping schedule in my class last Friday regarding how kits will ship. If this changes I will notify everyone.

EKC13 – March: Makeup Case kits are currently shipping. These are very hardware intensive, a lot of sorting. I am shipping in batches. These will take me another week or so to get them all out.

EKC14– your first kit will ship as soon I get those out. Again that will be about another two weeks. You will more than likely get two kits back to back as then the June kit will be sorted and packed.

Planner Kits– as scheduled– Mid July

Story of us Kits– as scheduled mid July

Apparently many of you haven’t watched the class or do not have the CVM because I am getting many emails with the same question.

I hope you all are having a great day!

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