Printable Order History Form

As many of you are aware, not all your purchases show in your PaperPhenomenon Order History.

Anything that requires a Box invite, will not be added to your Order History.

In order to help you keep track of your orders, we have created a printable form that you can print & fill out whenever you place an order.

This will help you keep orders straight if you happen to have more than one being processed at a time.

It will also be handy, should you ever lose any of your automatic download files, you will have the Invoice number right there to send via email to get a new link!

Click image to enlarge

Written Order History

As you can see, you can check which method of delivery will be used for which purchase (this is noted on the purchase page!).

You can note when items are not shipping until a later date.

You will easily be able to check which of your orders are still to be delivered or when your received previous ones.

We will be making this form in a planner version in the future as well.


Print in color or black & white and start keeping track of all your PaperPhenomenon purchases!


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