Class this evening at 7 pm CST!

Don’t forget to join me for class tonight at 7 pm central time.

I will be working on the modified My Design Mini album with the Faux post bound binding.

I’ll continue where I left off last class!



When ordering, please make a note of all your purchases.

Only purchases that are instant downloads will display in your Order history.

Items that require a Box invite or are delayed shipments (Kit club) will NOT display in your Order history.

Some people have been making duplicate purchases and that can be pricey for you if we do not catch it.

So please make your own lists of what you ordered and also make a folder in your email, to save the email receipts you get.


Here are some photos of the album I’ll be working on tonight!

MDM class 1

MDM class 2

MDM class 3


  1. I just discovered your talent and ideas. I attempted to watch your class last night. So sorry you were having technical difficulty. Do you have class every Friday evening and will last nights be attempted at another time?

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