Mini Album Box Set Cube

Hi everyone– still working our way through tutorials for the Bonus Projects.  Another one down!!!

The Mini Album Box Set Cube

This is a great project.  Check out the beautiful project Nicole Shands created using the videos.

PLEASE NOTE: Nicole made 3 albums, but the original project & tutorial have 4 albums in the box.

Here is the link to pick up the tutorial

Kit Club Members (EKC10).  The tutorial has been uploaded to the project folder.


EKC10 Jan Bonus Project Pic 1 EKC10 Jan Bonus Project Pic 2 EKC10 Jan Bonus Project Pic 3


  1. What project folder for EKC13? Just curious.. its beautiful

  2. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Very beautiful made! Maybe a new crafter can be a little confused about the fact that she has altered from four to three albums? I think about the measuring?

  3. So pretty these are

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