Important Please Read – EKC14 Update

As you may or may not know, Kathy has gone through a lot these past few months.

Due to a recent surgery, Kathy needs to take some time to heal and fully recuperate.

So, she will be changing the start date for the next quarter of the kit club (EKC14) from April through June to May through July.

Doing this will give Kathy the rest of March and all of April to fully recover and catch up on late projects without stressing too much.

EKC13 Members: For EKC13 members, the Feb bonus project, as well as March main and bonus projects will be late but added to your folders as soon as they are ready.

CBBQ1 Members: Members of Cards, Boxes and Bows Quarter 1 – the February & March card designs will also be late, but added to your folders once available.

I am sure you will all be understanding – perhaps we can all take this opportunity to catch up with Kathy on some of our projects 🙂

Prayers and good thoughts for Kathy are always welcomed and appreciated.


P.S. I forgot to add…

EKC14 Signups will be closing on April 7th, 2015

The Paper Collections/Projects for this quarter are:

May Project: Mix & Match Mini Album
Paper collection: I am, by Simple Stories, American Craft clipboard

June Project: Life in Retrospect 2 -Family-
Paper collection: still to be determined

July Project: The Life Report- Box Set
Paper collection: still to be determined


  1. Marcy Eisenreich says:

    Kathy we’ll be here when your ready to come back. Love ya, and take care of yourself. Hugs, marcy

  2. Hi Kathy, please take the rest you need. I am just getting started with all of your wonderful projects. So you rest, the rest of us will finish and start on new things. Let us know how you are feeling from time to time. My wish for you is peace. I do not know the details, but what we do know….take your time, we will still be here, silently supporting you. TTYL

  3. Karen Williams says:

    prayers and hugs. Take care of yourself.

  4. Jan Kelley says:

    Kathy my dear, you take as much time as you need. I have plenty to work on for months and with this time I hope to get caught up to date. You are the best and you need to take care of yourself so that when the time is right we will be right here cheering you on. In the meantime rest, get stronger, and do what the docs tell you to do. We love you and are praying for you.

  5. so glad to hear you are taking time to yourself. I will miss your blogs and projects, but honestly, it will give me a chance to catch up on all the projects I have bought from you and still have sitting waiting. Take care of yourself and we will be here when you return. Thoughts will be with you. now…. back to your shopping page (I really do have a problem!)

  6. Mandy barton says:

    I am more than happy for kathy to take all the time she needs, there is no rush to do any of the things she had planned and I will still be here when she feels better. My thoughts are with you and your son take care of each other , that’s what is important. Shall see you again when your ready …..and not before xxx

  7. Lisa Gay says:

    I have to say that I’m relieved that Kathy is taking some much needed time for herself. She has been through so much physically and mentally, and both at the same time, that she needs and deserves some time off. I hope she’s able to recuperate at her own pace and I know that others will be respectful of however long that takes. There is no crafting need that is more important than the needs of someone’s soul. Let’s let her regenerate and come back a much more rested and whole person. I hope I never have to go through what’s she’s been through! See you when when you’re feeling better Kathy!

  8. Mia Neal says:

    You definitely need the rest Kathy! You’ve been through so much in the last few months. Take all the time you need to recover to 100%. Wishing you strength, love and hugs!

  9. We will still be around waiting for you to get well. You take the time to heal and my prayers and thoughts go with youjoan

  10. Rest up and get well, Kathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  11. Dearest Kathy,

    We support you! Go heal; emotionally, physically!

  12. Carolyn Beavers says:

    Please take the time you need too rest and get well. We all love you and enjoy all of the effort that you put forth to make sure we enjoy each and every project you create. I will be wait patiently for your recovery. Sending prayers your way.

  13. So glad Kathy is giving it a rest. She really needs to and praying for her personal strength. Take care of you Kathy.

  14. Mandy Moore says:

    Dear Kathy, wishing you a lot of rest and a speedy recovery! Take good care of yourself. We will be here (and maybe caught up) by the time you return!

  15. My thoughts and prayers are euthanized you, Kathy. I hope you have an easy revovery, but please do take the time you need to heal. {{{hugs}}}

  16. Hugs and prayers Kathy! Taking time for yourself is oh so important. Take care.

  17. Sending prayers and hugs your way Kathy!

  18. Wishing you a full and prompt recovery. I’m in love with your projects, so this time you’re getting will let me get to catch up in a few projects I just started. 🙂 Found you out just this Christmas so I need a lot more Kathy. 🙂

    Get well soon!

  19. Ana M Zaragoza says:

    As we all care so much about you and your recovery, we the babes wish you well so you can get back to us soon. We love and miss you but your health and well being does first.

  20. Carol Kirby says:

    Thank you so much for the update. Look after yourself Kathy, rest and recover take the time to just be you! My prayers are with you and your family. Xxx

  21. Lori Manicho says:

    we miss you but you need time to heal and feel better! Prayers for you☺️

  22. Glenda Lowery says:

    Rest and heal dear Kathy, rest and heal.

  23. Kathy, my selfish self wants you back yesterday, but now you must do what is best for you. Take care of yourself, heal completely and don’t come back until you’re ready! Continued prayers for your all around healing.

  24. Tammy Davis says:

    Thank you for the update. Kathy, my heart breaks for you and all that you have gone through the last few months. Take care and get well!

  25. Thinking of you, and prayers are with you to make a speedy recovery. You are such a talented, delightful lady, and I am sure everyone understands that sometimes we all need to take time for ourselves. Rest up, feel better and all the best xo

  26. Rest up get well praying that during this time The Lord JESUS CHRIST will heal and ministry to you during this time so rest up dear friend and this will be a great time for me to catch.

  27. ShonVontra says:

    Feel better soon. Sending prayers and peaceful thoughts your way!

  28. Diane Ritchie says:

    Prayers and healing thoughts are being sent your way. Take as much time to heal and de-stress as you need.

  29. Lynn Wayne says:

    Kathy, please rest up & get well. I miss you but will still be here when you’re up to it.

    All my love, Lynn

  30. cindy ullman says:

    Kathy saying prayers that you have a speedy recovery take this time to heal 100% we are not going any where we will be here when you are ready and all healed up miss you bunches hugs to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jane Cusack says:

    always look after number 1 Kathy! Rest up, we will miss you but we need you 100 o/o! Time for us to show and you can browse for a change!

  32. Rest, take care of yourself. We will still be here.

  33. Laureen Dean says:

    Wishing Kathy some well deserved rest. She’s been through so much. Continued prayers and good thoughts being sent her way. We’ll miss her, but will look forward to her return in the near future when she feels much better. Til then, take care Kathy!

  34. Prayers to you Kathy! Rest and take it easy! I know I have tons of projects to keep me busy until you return!

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