Tonights Class: My Design Mini Part 3

Hi all tonight’s class is posted the to the project folder: My Design Mini Album.  Warning: I had some tech issues tonight, but it is totally worth watching. I showed a lot of fun stuff!!  Thank you all for hanging out. It was a blast!!!!

New Kit Purchase option:

I have a kit up for sale on this project.   I am doing a reservation/preorder on the kits.  Pay to reserve your kit now, then pay the balance when the kit is ready to ship. This way you pay in 2 installments. Kit should ship  within 2 weeks. I will send PayPal invoices when the kits are ready to ship.  Kit includes the tutorial.  I think you all are going to love this system!!!!


You can reserve the kit by clicking on the link below. I updated the purchase page to include items in Kit.


Kit Pic

Here is a peek at what we worked on today.  We had fun with Acetate and Vellum!!!

pic11 pic22 pic33


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