Inspiration – Retrospection 365

Inspiration – Retrospection 365 by Mary Reichert Zimany


Pick up the Core kit to make you own, here:

Mary Z Retro cover

 Mary Z Retro20

Mary Z Retro19

Mary Z Retro18

Mary Z Retro17

Mary Z Retro16

Mary Z Retro15

Mary Z Retro14

Mary Z Retro13

Mary Z Retro12

Mary Z Retro11

Mary Z Retro10

Mary Z Retro9

Mary Z Retro8

Mary Z Retro7

Mary Z Retro6

Mary Z Retro5

Mary Z Retro4

Mary Z Retro3

Mary Z Retro2

Mary Z Retro1


  1. Mandy Moore says:

    Beautiful! This is absolutely stunning!

  2. Cynthia Shattock says:

    Love this example. I’m addicted to making folios. What paper line did you use?

  3. Dawn Bablo says:

    This book is absolutely amazing, stunning…… can tell you put your heart and soul into this book, fabulous job! How long did it take you to complete? I have all my items but have not started the album yet, I’m a little intimidated! NICE JOB, BEAUTIFUL!

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