Foto Folio 2 – Style 2 – Recipe Folio


  1. O.K. I will wait for the Invite… today I checked my bank account, for now one time the 19.99 has been charged-and I hope I get the clue for your next invite to load the files in the box…
    Sincerely Sigrun

  2. Dear Kathy ,
    I won´t get on your nervs, but I really like to have the tutorial of your new “foto folio project- you invited me to your “box”and I could see the beginning of the video but I didn´t had this account to a box, so I clicked the wrong button and the video with all the files was gone…:-(( I rather would prefer a personal copy like the other tutorials -would that be possible..??? Please..???
    Sincerely , Sigrun

    • Kathy Orta says:

      you get them both– email using the contact me button. make sure you include you invoice number. I will send you another invite. Thank you for your purchase.

  3. Judianne Graham says:

    This will be perfect for the Seniors on my HS Dance Team. A slot for every team member to create a folder of their memories with that Senior. And plenty of room for pictures .

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