Very Important Updates

Hi guys!!

I know you have all been waiting patiently while I get better. I am so happy to report that after almost 4 weeks of dealing with a sinus infection and bronchitis, I am finally feeling like myself again. I want to thank you all for allowing me this time to get better.

So here are some updates so you know what is happening.

HKC2 – Oct kits will begin shipping Oct 6th – International customers 1st, then US.

EKC12 – Sept kits will begin shipping no later than Oct 13th – International customers 1st, then US. I hope this is ok with you all.  I figured getting the Halloween  Kits out first would be best, being those are time sensitive.

The HKC2 Welcome email has been sent out.

HKC2 blog will be active Monday, Oct 6th

EKC12 Sept project reveal will be on Oct 3rd, during Friday nights class at 7PM CST

HKC2 Oct/Halloween project reveal on Oct 6

Bonus projects for Sept & Oct will be posted by Oct 17th — give or take a few days.

Retrospection 365 I will begin adding more videos for Retrospection starting Oct 13th.  I’ve been holding off on recording for this project because of my cough– it was pretty bad.  I didn’t want to make anyone feel disgusted with my coughing– so thank you so much for hanging in there with me on this project.

Foto Folio II  and Foto Folio Minis II are coming in November!!


Thank you again for all your patience during the past couple months.



  1. Hi, I love this kit. How can I get one?

  2. scrappergirl56 says:

    It will all get done in time…so glad you are feeling better…just be careful and don’t have a relapse…I was praying that you didn’t get pneumonia with all that you had going on. Breathing is important…LOL…kidding aside, I know what you have been going through…been fighting a sinus infection myself. Happy, Happy, Happy you are getting better. see ya.

  3. Ana M Zaragoza says:

    So good to have you back. Did I mentioned you look great. The Sept. ECK 12 is awesome. Can’t wait to get it. Will we also have a Sept Bonus project? I know, we are so spoiled. You still sounded a little congested. Praying you get even better. Ana

  4. Donna Smith says:

    I’m so happy you are feeling better. Tonight will be my last Friday class for a month. I’ll be traveling in Europe and won’t always have internet. I’m going to miss the PITA’s and you. I feel withdrawl coming on. I am taking Mini 1 &2 to mat.

  5. Mary Matthys says:

    Yay for feeling better. The dates work for me!!

  6. Very glad you are feeling better Kathy! I am looking forward to my first KC but so glad you are well.

  7. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    I’m so glad you are feeling so much better Kathy! That’s just absolutely fine that you have held off on the R365 project. We are just glad that you are now on the mend. It’s not fun feeling like you cannot breathe…..been there done that three years in a row. Am looking forward to many more projects ahead but please take you time and don’t relapse! 😉

  8. So glad you are feeling better Kathy!! I’ve missed seeing you and your fabulous projects!! Take care of yourself so you fully recover!!

  9. Janet Timmons says:

    Glad you are better….thanks for the update. I need my Kathy fix….gotta have it.

  10. Jan Kelley aka Jadie says:

    Praise the Lord! I am so glad you have finally turned the corner. We all didn’t mind that you cancelled classes. We just wanted our Queen to be healthy. Welcome Back.


  11. so glad your feeling better…just don’t over do it!!!:)

  12. So very happy to hear that your are feeling better, you bring such joy into our lives and it’s been sad w/o you. I pray you get stronger each day and know that you are in my prayers. God bless you Kathy!!!

  13. Cherie Reighard says:

    Gotta keep you well! We can’t live up to our PITA standards when you’re ill! but now ….watch out! So glad that you are feeling better!

  14. Glad you’re feeling better. Just love your projects and the way you explain everything.

  15. so glad you are better… keep resting. Hugs!

  16. Dona Deam says:

    I’m glad your better. I have watched the new videos and the project is great. I can see under several friends and families Christmas trees. It is breathtaking.

  17. Thanks for the update Kathy!!

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