Class Cancelled Tonight

Sorry guys, I am just not feeling 100% yet.

We will have classes again next week Tues Sept 16 – Thurs Sept 18 at 2 pm Central.

We’ll even have a 2 pm class on Friday Sept 19th if we need it to wrap up 100 days of summer.

See you on Tuesday at 2 pm central.


  1. Gracie Mizell says:

    You need to get rest my darling …

  2. Lori Manicho says:

    Kathy hope you feel better soon! we miss you!
    LoriM XXOO

  3. I’m glad you are listening to your body and taking time off when needed. You’ve been working your butt off!

  4. Take care snd get the rest you need. Better now for hopefully a short time but when you go on you may be out for a long time. So please get wel we will all wait for you to get better. Xxx

  5. Feel better Kathy!

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