Ship with Kit Option Explained

Hi everyone.

As we have started to ship out Retrospection 365 kits, it has come to my attention that the proper shipping is not always being chosen at checkout.

The “Ship with kit” option is only available when you are ordering something small, such as trinkets, or a single order of bags or tape that can be included with your Kit club package.

It cannot be used to ship an entire kit because it would change the weight and the shipping cost would go up.

If you purchase something that is small that will fit into your kit club package, you can chose this option, but you must be a kit club member and realize that this order will not go out until it is time for your kit club kit to ship.

So to chose Ship with kit, you must be:

a) a kit club member,

b) purchasing something small enough to fit in with the kit club kit,

c) be willing to wait for your order until your next kit club kit is shipped.


Any time you order any kit, please chose Standard shipping.

If you are ordering trinkets, a single order of bags or tape and are NOT a kit club member or do not want to wait to have it shipped with your kit, please chose Flat rate Trinkets as the shipping option.

SPECIAL NOTE: Those of you enrolling in the HKC2 (Holiday Kit club 2) please DO NOT select Ship with kit. Those that do, will have their order refunded (because it is just too hard to track multiple payments) and we don’t want you to lose your spot if enrollment closes on you before you can reorder.

Thank you to everyone for all your purchases and continued support!

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