Very Very Important — Please Read

For anyone reselling Paper Phenomenon Kit Club Kits and A La Carte Kits.

Buyers and Sellers please be aware, if you are reselling or buying a kit from someone, the buyer is not entitled to the Kit Club Passwords or the tutorials.

Tutorials and passwords are not transferable – the Seller owns the passwords and the tutorials.

You must consider that the seller still has access to the tutorial and/or videos associated with the project.

Someone posted here a few days ago regarding buying and selling kits– I don’t have a problem with the buying and the selling of a kit, but I do have a problem with transferring the Tutorial and Password information.

Essentially a seller may offer a kit (supplies only) for sale but cannot transfer the tutorial and password information, as the seller received those for free because they were included with the kit purchase from me.

I hope this makes sense.

I don’t want there to be hurt feelings between crafters selling and buying kits.

This will create problems if the buyer is not aware of this. thank you.

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