I am back from the EPIC Adventure- Steampunk Soriee 2014

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the Epic Paper Arts first event– Steampunk Soiree 2014.  It was most certainly an Epic Adventure.  Without you all giving our first event a chance it wouldn’t have been EPIC!!!


Thank you to all the Staff who made this happen behind the scenes.


A Special Thank You and super big hugs to Kathryn Krieger of Kathryn Scraps and Jim Hankins – The Gentleman Crafter for making our first event EPIC!!!!!


Please check out their blogs for a peek of their amazing project and more pix of the event!



A Super Special Thank You to my Robby (my son) for being the best Assistant in the world.  I couldn’t have done it without you. I love you so much!  Check out Robby in action in the pix below.


That sums it up folks– it was EPIC!!!

Check out all the fun  – Enjoy!!!

This is my Project for the Classes at Steampunk Soiree 2014
































  1. It was Epic! So great to meet you Kathy. What a fun time. What a great group of crafters. Thank You!

  2. This was truly an epic event. You, Kathryn, Jim, Carren and all the assistances did a spectacular job making us all feel welcomed and inspiring us to step up our creativity. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and fun time.

    I am definitely looking forward to the next one.

  3. Annette McCarty says:

    Kathy, I had the best time of anyone at the Soiree. I got to see (and hug) YOU and ROBBY (what a special young man!), Kathryn and Alan and Liz and Lee and Gentleman Jim and Cesar. And all the wonderful crafters and new friends! It was so nice to put faces to nicknames (which I couldn’t remember from session to session, And it was the best 70th birthday party! I loved it!

  4. AWESOME Instructors, AWESOME STAFF, AWESOME projects…memories – PRICELESS.

    I am ALREADY planning my costume and fascinator for Soiree #2 – I don’t care where it is…I’m socking money away monthly, BEFORE you guys even announce the next one.

    I had the best time, and came away with so much more than the projects and goodies…it was the feeling of *JOY* … the feeling of *TRUE CAMARADERIE*… and those feelings are still with me a week later.

    Love you guys and the talents you shared with us! ((HUGS))

  5. The whole event was absolutely amazing! Thank you to you and Kathryn and Jim, and Carren and the entire staff, for making the weekend completely fantastic!

  6. Cherie Reighard says:

    Huge Hugs Kathy! I had such an awesome time. The event was truly EPIC; beyond expectations and imagination. I’m still on a crafting high. The projects were terrific. The set of three will hold many memories. A big hug and thanks to Robbie for helping the slowpoke. Don’t know why I’m so slow, but I eventually finish! I’m the tortoise of scrapbooking. The schedule of the event was perfect. The meet and greet the first night gave us time to find each other and talk. The class and crafting times fulfilled what we came to do. Using the flitter glue was a fun new technique. The steampunk costume party was over the top magnificent. The face painters were artists! They were creative and quick with elaborate designs that added a fun element to our costumes. The photobooth was an absolute bomb (fun time)! The people running it were terrific with accommodating group size and getting everyone involved. Just love all the pictures, smiles and laughs! I know you all were probably exhausted, but it met so much to all of us that you not only organized everything, taught classes, gave additional help in the craftroom, but also took the time for hugs, pictures, and chat! Everywhere you looked there were smiles! People in the hotel wanted to know what the excitement was all about! You all should be very proud of the success of this event! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Cherie

  7. Thank YOU,
    Kathy Orta
    Kathryn Krieger
    Jim Hankins
    For making this Epic Event, truly memorable!!
    A GREAT time was had by ALL!!!
    Luv & Hugs

  8. Thanks so much for sharing all these fabulous pictures with us Kathy!

    Definitely looks like an Epic event that I wish I could have participated in – maybe I can try to budget for next year.

  9. scrappergirl56 says:

    Looks like it was soooo much fun….so sorry I wasn’t able to go…maybe next time….BEAUTIFUL project Kathy….great costumes too!!!

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