Inspiration Mondays – Foto Folios style 1


Today’s Inspiration Monday is on the fabulous Foto Folio style 1.

We have so many photos on the fanpage on the Foto Folios, I will have to do a series of Inspiration Mondays to show them all.

The photos below are just a sampling of how wonderful this project turns out using any paper collection!

If you want to try your hand at making  these fabulous folios,

pick up the tutorial here:

Foto Folios

Once again, thank you to the talented crafters!

Paper Crafter – Ana Zaragoza 

Ana Zaragoza 1 Ana Zaragoza 2 Ana Zaragoza 3 Ana Zaragoza 4 Ana Zaragoza 5 Ana Zaragoza 6 Ana Zaragoza 7

Paper Crafter – Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm

Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm 1 Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm 2 Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm 3 Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm 4 Ann-Charlotte Sjoholm 5

Paper Crafter – Diane Jackson De Mauro

Diane Jackson De Mauro 1 Diane Jackson De Mauro 2 Diane Jackson De Mauro 3 Diane Jackson De Mauro 4

Paper Crafter – Eleanor Leimer

Eleanor Leimer 1 Eleanor Leimer 2 Eleanor Leimer 3 Eleanor Leimer 4 Eleanor Leimer 5

Paper Crafter – Holly Hartman Smith

Holly Hartman Smith 1 Holly Hartman Smith 2 Holly Hartman Smith 3 Holly Hartman Smith 4 Holly Hartman Smith 5 Holly Hartman Smith 6 Holly Hartman Smith 7 Holly Hartman Smith 8

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  1. scrappergirl56 says:

    Looks like it was soooo much fun….so sorry I wasn’t able to go…maybe next time….BEAUTIFUL project Kathy….great costumes too!!!

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