Hi All!!! I have great news!!!

Hardware and Magnets for Retrospection 365 (R365)  and for the Trinket Shoppe will be in this week.  My tracking states delivery in Wednesday.  So what does this mean?

I will start shipping R365 Kits again. Some of you have received your tracking numbers already.  You will see transit activity on those starting on Friday. Those who haven’t received their tracking will receive and email a few days after that.

  We need to sort the hardware and magnets before we can start shipping again.

Those who received their R365 kits already– you will received a second package with your hardware and magnets.

I will be gone until August 6th at Steampunk Soiree (I can’t believe it’s here already), but the shipping team will be shipping while I am gone.

EKC July Kits will start to ship out when I get back. I want to check those kits before they go out the door. I hope you are all working on your reference book for this project.  It will be a great resource for creating future My Design Mini Albums (MDM). The MDM tutorial will be ready within the next couple of days.  The tutorial is just about done.

More videos for R365 will be posted when I get back as well.  I can’t wait to you all see the rest of this project.  I promise you will LOVE IT!!!  As I mentioned to you all already, R365 is a super fun and unique project. Unlike anything done before- Interactive Layout!!!!!!!

I just want to thank everyone for the excitement over R365 and for hangin in there with me (as always) while I get your  kits out to you. I am so happy you all love it.

Have a wonderful week and Ill see you all when I get back with amazing Steampunk Soiree stories!


  1. Michelle says:

    Have a great time! Give us the skinny when you get back 😀

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