Friday’s 100 Days of Summer Class is Uploaded to

The class recording from Friday night is now uploaded to in the Class Video Membership folder, under 100 Days of Summer.

I had to try a couple of times to get it to work, it was being a PITA!!!

We had another fun time and worked on making the deconstructed hidden hinge for 100 Days of Summer.

deconstructed hidden hinge 2

Make sure you join us for our next 100 Days of Summer class on Wednesday July 23rd at 4pm central!!!

We will be attaching the pages and working on the covers. Don’t miss it!

deconstructed hidden hinge 3


You can watch all the 100 Days of Summer Class videos and SO MANY more, by subscribing to the Class video Membership here.


  1. Kathy,

    At one time I had and now I don’t . What do I need to do to get it back???

    One of your PITA’s

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