Retrospection 365 Updates

Retrospection 365

Hi everyone– I have updated the project folder with the videos that are ready thus far.  I will be updating this folder frequently throughout the next two weeks.  You will receive a notification once I update so you don’t miss a thing.


I want to warn you that traffic in the project folder will be very high once I make an update.  My recommendation, if you encounter trouble is to wait a while before going back to the folder to complete your task, whether its to view or download.



Retrospection Scrapinar (Workshop, Tutorial and  How To Videos)- is now available to all — here is a link to purchase the course. 


Thank you all!  I am so happy you are all excited about the project.  Retrospection 365 is truly a Keepsake



  1. Hi Kathy,
    AWESOME PROJECT…as always!!!!! Can’t wait to make it! You are so revolutionary with scrapbooking!!!!!!!!!!!! Question: Is this the same paper pack just “branded differently” at each store? So we wouldn’t need both packs? I have the Recollections pack. Thanks!

    • I took more time to read carefully and compare photos…I realize yes it’s the same paper pack…love it and have it…life is good…this project is so incredible!! Kathy, your talent continually amazes me!!! You’re the BEST!! 🙂

  2. Colleen says:

    Hobby Lobby last week has clearance out Simple Stories documented for $10. hurry to HL.

  3. Colleen says:

    Hobby Lobby has recently clearance out Simple Stories documented for $10. I just picked it up last week and was thinking about using it for one of the foto folio. Now I will save it for retro 365, just ordered. So run to HL.

  4. Kathy Orta says:

    the paper I used is Simple Stories Documented. Michaels also has it under the Recollections Brand.

    • Judianne Graham says:

      Thank you for the quick response. I will hold off on my shopping trip to Denver until next week then.

  5. Kathy Orta says:

    I should have that up Saturday.

  6. Kathy Orta says:

    No not yet.

  7. Judianne Graham says:

    Has the supply list been uploaded too?


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