Retrospection 365 is coming!



Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know the following – all of you who  purchased the Retrospection 365 kit  will be receiving an invite to the Retrospection Project Folder on in a couple of days.

Remember this invite goes to the email associated with your Paypal account – keep your eyes open 🙂

Kits will be shipping after July 1st as I am waiting on the closures. I will keep you all posted with a ship  date as soon as I have one– it will not be too long.  on the bright side, I have more time to die cut!! Someone punch me when I think this is great idea again!!!!!!!!!


For those that haven’t yet purchased, you can still order kits here.  Otherwise, Retrospection 365 will be available as a Tutorial/Video only within the next couple of day


  1. Kathy Trakas says:

    Ditto what the others said. Looking so forward to it. Do take care of that shoulder!

  2. scrappergirl56 says:

    Can’t wait…can’t wait…getting exciting…the time is near!!!

  3. looking forward to it, just curious what it will look like.

  4. Laura Pitzer says:

    Can’t wait! Anticipation is also killing me! I know it has to be something awesome!!!!!!!!!!! LP

  5. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    Looking forward to seeing what this project is! The suspense is killing us! Lol. Hope your shoulder is going to be okay Kathy. Just a little concerned that all the cranking/circular motion might flare it up. Take breaks so as to not let it get painful. 😉

  6. CindiLu says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! A n t I c I p a t I o n is killing me!! JK, but I am excited.

  7. Carla Weems says:

    Can you share before closing for orders what paper line you have chosen for this project please?

    Thank you,
    Carla aka Wheemzell

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