Just Kickin It – Boy Version

Hi All!! Here is the Boy Version.  I love it so much!!

This Videos and templates are posted to the kit club blog if you want to go ahead and play.  It comes together so quickly!! Promise!!!

The tutorial will be available to all by Friday.  Happy Crafting!!!

Sneaker Boy


  1. DarcieGlam says:

    This is soooooo adorbs! Everyone is going to looooovie this kit!

  2. Holy Cow!!! That is the cutest thing ever! I have to make one of these!!! Can’t wait for the tutorial! Amazing again!

  3. Phyllis Weaver says:

    So completely amazing, this is a wow factor for sure. Love it

  4. Regina F says:

    OMG You outdid yourself. These are amazing. I may just have to purchase the digital kit for this

  5. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    OK! Now this is so stinkin’ cute too! Love this boy shoe Kathy! I’m going to have to make two shoes in a boy pattern now. One to give to my son and one for myself for pics of my son when he was skateboarding. I might even have to make a girl shoe too for myself for pics of when I was growing up. How cute and sweet these shoes are Kathy! You are AMAZING!

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