100 Days of Summer Tutorial

Hi guys!!!  Tomorrow we start a new project!! It’s always so exciting to start a new project.


The 100 Days of Summer is a project based on the Lapbook, BUT of course, I had to design a completely new configuration. All new pages and interactive elements for this Lapbook– I guess we can call the 100 days of Summer the Lapbook 3!

I have a sale price on this tutorial (50% off for 24hrs) as I want you all to be able to pick this one up.  It’s going to be FAB!!!  100 pix in one book–You gotta love it!!


Pick up the 100 Days of Summer Tutorial Here


Very Important — so you are all prepared for class tomorrow (7PM CST) I currently have the Cutting Guide available to download. When you purchase you will be downloading the cutting guide only for now. I advise you to not prep as I want to talk about cardstock colors and options for this project.  Once the completed tutorial is released. I will email it to all who purchased.  See you all tomorrow in the Classroom at 7PMCST!



  1. Brenda Butt says:

    Today you are purchasing the cutting guide only. As the project progresses the full tutorial will be released. Once the tutorial is completed I will email you the full verision. Purchasing the Cutting Guide will allow you to following in Class.

    I purchased this back in June (100 days of summer) and was wondering when I would be getting the email of the full version? I have not noticed any emails.

    • Kathy Orta says:

      This has been email to everyone weeks ago. Please use the Contact me button above. Please include your receipt of purchase and we will be super happy to get you all hooked up!!! Thank you so much for your purchase!!!

  2. Beverly Barker says:

    Hi Kathy, I am new to making mini albums, I watched your class Friday on the 100 days of Summer, it was a little over whelming to me at first, but I think I can do this.
    I downloaded the cutting guide and noticed you didn’t give a color list for the paper. I wanted to start cutting, but not sure what colors to use. You mentioned a scrap booking web site that had the 100 days of summer paper kits? How do I get that.
    Thank you
    Beverly Barker

  3. Mia Neal says:

    Thank you so much Kathy for the sale price!Can’t wait to start the project tonight!

  4. Marian Baliski says:

    Seems like there are more than one of me

  5. JOYCE AKERS says:

    Will there be an additional charge? I hope this is not a silly question as I have never purchased any of your online tutorials.

  6. Hi, I am in the UK, so if I purchase this, It would be on about midnight….. Will it be available for me to watch anytime?? (Sorry, not done anything like this before!!)
    Many thanks

    Karen x

  7. I purchased the 100 days of summer. My question is. Where do I go for the class tomorrow and I live in Texas and on day light saving time so what time do I log in with it being CST

  8. Mary Matthys says:

    I hope my order went through okay. I logged in, then ordered it. It wanted me to log in again but I was already logged in and thought it might mess up my order. After ordering, I logged out and then back in and it doesn’t show in my history. I don’t need the download of the cutting guide because I’m working on some folios right now. Just wanted to make sure it went through. This looks like it will be a fun project!! 🙂

    • Mary Matthys says:

      Is there a way for me to delete my stupid question? I got the email so just chalk this up to a tired, overworked woman! LOL

      • melody Kingwell says:

        I just down loaded mine, don’t worry Mary, I did exactly the same thing this afternoon. Patience is not my middle name. LOL I’m very excited about this new project. Can’t wait to get cutting and pasting. 🙂

      • Tammy Davis says:

        I got a chuckle out of this, Mary! I do the same thing! I am absolutely terrified of placing the order and not being signed in!

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