Very Important Info – Shipping

Hi everyone- Please be careful to select the appropriate shipping for your order. The shipping options are very clear as to what items are covered under a particular option.


I am encountering cases where the “Ship with Kit” option is being selected and a Kit wasn’t ordered. Another example, orders with 5 Lots of tape is not covered under the Flat rate Trinket shipping.


Please, once again, please be careful to select the appropriate shipping for your order. Orders with the incorrect shipping selection will be refunded.


Many of you have express how happy you are about the new shipping options. There are so many places for you shop in world, and the fact the you choose to shop with me is so appreciated so I am super happy to save you a buck or two where I can.

Once again, Thank you for shopping with me.



  1. Mary Lynn says:

    Me too ! new to this website. If I goofed up please let me know. A new kit member. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Mo Stover says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I might have been one of those that goofed up…I thought the “ship with kit” for kit club members meant that you’d put my foto folios in with the next kit club package that you sent out. If I need to pay anything additional for shipping, please let me know at Thanks!

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