Tonight’s Craft & Laugh Class Rescheduled

Hi guys–  I am not going to make it home in time for tonight’s Class- so, so sorry.  Let’s reschedule for tomorrow at 2PM CST.  I hope you all can make it!!!


I want to wish a super Happy Birthday to our very own Scrappingjoy!!!!!!!


  1. Had to work and did not make class. Where or what is it posted under. Not for sure what we were gonna be working on. Thanks


  2. Happy Birthday (a day late) LOL I missed class as I had to work. What was it about and what is the video filed under.
    THX Happy Mothers Day

  3. Jill Brogden says:

    Thanks Kathy, can watch you live in UK as it will be 8pm here – one happy Gal!!!! X

  4. Lorianna says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    Hope you had a GREAT day!!

  5. Enjoy your Friday night! It’s not very often you get to spend it with other PITA’s!!!

  6. gina utley says:

    Happy Birthday!! Will see you all tomorrow!!!

  7. Kay-Tee says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  8. Deanne says:

    Happy Birthday! I was so looking forward to class tonight –

  9. scrappingjoy says:

    Thanks for the Birthday greeting, Kathy! You are a doll! 🙂

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