A Bonus Folio


  1. Therese says:

    Il m’est impossible d’aller chercher les corrections…..Comment faire s.v.p. Merci!

  2. lois paulo says:

    i too would like to know if we are going to receive the bonus tim holts style folio if we bought all 6 of your folios it is so cool
    thanks kathy

  3. Sandra says:

    Hi Kathy

    I just love this so much but I am having a hard time finding anywhere in Canada that sells this paper. The shipping and handling is outrageous from the states. Help.

  4. Wow!! LOVE this bonus folio…………it’s BEAUTIFUL!! So glad I picked up that paper pack already.

  5. Wow! LOVE the bonus folio……………it’s BEAUTIFUL!! So glad I picked up that paper already.

  6. Marzee Carnes says:

    This is AMAZING!

  7. So excited so when do we get the link’s to the video’s and tutorial’s?

  8. Debbie says:

    Please include this bonus folio in the tutorial with the other 6. It is gorgeous.

  9. Patricia Huber says:

    Will you be making a tutorial for this “bonus” folio. I absolutely adore what you have done! I think you are over the top with this one! I want it!

  10. Deanne says:

    Will we receive a tutorial for this “bonus” folio if we purchased the 6 folios?

  11. Bunnyc says:

    I don’t know how you do it, Kathy. Each foto folio is unique and versatile. I love them all.

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