Foto Folio Purchase Information

Hi Everyone,
We are receiving a lot of emails about the Foto Folio tutorial so I thought I’d take the time to clarify.

The Foto Folio Tutorial is a PRE-ORDER purchase.

This means you will not receive an instant download.

The tutorial will be emailed to you before National Scrapbook Day on May 2nd.

For those considering buying the KITS, please note that you receive the tutorial with your purchase (after its released).

All details for the Foto Folio Tutorial Set (6) and Kits are in the Shop. Just click on the Shop tab above.



  1. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Thank you Loydene! This sounds reasonally. But do you or anyone know if we get the tuotorial for one or all six folios? I understand that we got all six tuotorials from Kathryn Krieger for 19.95 $? A lot of questions here…..

    • Again — only as I understand — purchase of any “single kit” or “just the tutorial” from Kathy Orta provides ALL 6 folio and the storage box tutorials. Same for Kathryn but no storage box. The full kit, again, only as I understand, provides all 6 folio patterns and storage box AND the thematic paper.

      • Kathy Orta says:

        Again- The tutorial will include all 6 folio styles and the storage box.

        Single Kit, Kit will be “Style” specific. If you purchase Kit Style 1, you will receive material to complete the Style 1 Folio exactly like mine as shown in the video
        Full Kit, Kit will include material to create all 6 folios and storage box. Full kits are theme specific. If you order the Baby kit, all of the materials in the kit will be baby themed. Again, for the Full Kit, you will receive enough materials to make all 6 (2 times, for a total of 12 Folios) folios and the Storage box.

        You will need to got to Kathyrn’s website to purchase her tutorial and kits. Her website is

        • Mo Stover says:


          If you order a single kit, does the included tutorial have the instructions for all 6 of your folios and the storage box, or just the instructions for the one style ordered with that kit?

          Mo 🙂

  2. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Sorry,I ment “single kit” and “full kit” …

    • I do not mean to speak for Kathy – but I saw her classroom presentation last week and **believe** the difference is a follows:
      A single kit is ONLY the one style represented — folio folio, gatefold, etc. A “full kit” will be (as I understand) ALL of the folio types made available in ONE thematic set(s) of paper — the full kit will have enough paper, etc., in the one theme, to complete ALL 6 of the folio styles.
      I may be totally off — and if so, I sincerely hope for correction. But that is what I understood from the presentation

  3. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Hi! I am also very happy with The consept, and so nice to be able to easily change between different colours and style! But I do not not understand the difference between “kit” and “set” ? Clearly there is a big difference? Please clearify this for a foreigner who understand much written in english, but clearly do not understand all! Lol! Anyway, I am amazed over Kathy’s creativity! You are The best!

  4. Hello again — I understand that, at present, this is a pre-order. And I’m fine with that. But — may we know what the BASE of the folio will be — file folders or cardstock. I’d really like to get a jump on organization and purchasing for either! Thank you … I LOVE this concept — especially for “repetitive” type vacations or events — like beach, zoo, birthday, etc!

  5. Sorry for not understanding the first time….. {Hangs head in shame}

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