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Hi Guys– this news is bound to make any girl get right out of bed!!!!!!  Please check out Woman’s World Magazine May Issue,  there is an article related to scrapbooking that I hope you all check out.  Guess who was interviewed for the article???? Yes, yours truly.  I am super excited about it.


Woman's World Magazine Cover


  1. Diane Starr-Jordan says:

    Wow! How did I miss this post????????? Congratulations Kathy!!! I’m proud of you and very happy for you! There is no one that deserves this more than YOU!!!! Will have to keep an eye on this magazine and get a copy! Cannot wait! Keep up the great work Kathy…..we all love you!!!! 🙂

  2. KnitterPam says:

    I checked at my grocery store (Publix) yesterday 4/10/14 and it wasn’t there yet. That’s the day the magazine lady comes (I know, because I used to be the magazine lady there). So maybe it’ll come out next week? Or will it be 2 wks from now when it’s actually May?

  3. Marcie Smith says:

    Can’t wait to read the article Kathy. Congrats!!!! This is really special and we are all so proud of you.

  4. Orlie Severson says:

    Kathy I am so proud for you!!!!! Would you have ever guessed that this would have happened let a lone have this many of us in your corner when you started 4 years ago? I am very glad I found you and all the Pita Babes. It has helped me get threw some dark days. Just chatting with all of you. But most of all I am so in love with all your projects and all you do for all of us. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

  5. You go girl!

  6. Debi Walton says:

    Woo Hoo!!!
    Hoot Hoot!

  7. cheriereighard says:

    Hope you get a cut when the May issue sky rockets the sales!
    Congrats Kathy! You go girl!

  8. Kathy Simpson says:

    KATHY, You GO GIRL!!! So happy for you. It must feel weird that you are famous and people want your autograph. I experienced that briefly at a womens retreat but you are on a different level. That makes me thrilled for you. You have earned your spot. Keep up your awesome ideas and talent darlin’!

  9. WOW!!!! You have really come very popular in the crafting world. I must say I am somewhat jealous, this was always my dream. I’m very happy for you and you are truly talented and deserve all that’s coming to you! Congrats! You inspire me more all the time to go after my dream.! I will be getting the magazine and I have to order the tutorial on that dollhouse!!! Not sure if I want to go digital. But it is a must have.

  10. Mandy Moore says:

    Yay!! Which week in May??? I buy these almost every week…wouldn’t won’t to miss it!


  11. Well now I know what to look for at the checkout counter. Congrats Kathy!!!

  12. Mary Hrasky says:

    Kathy w/Paper Phenomenon = SUPERSTAR. Today … Woman’s World…Tomorrow…People Magazine with P.I.T.A. BABES TAKE OVER

  13. Do you know which week in May it will be? It looks like it is a weekly publication.

  14. Oh, wow! That’s great!! Congrats Kathy!!!

  15. Well I know what I’m buying at the checkout stand! lol Congrats Kathy!!!

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