New Kit Club Feature

Hi guys- Now you will always be up on the latest on Kit Club Kit shipments. Jen had the FAB idea to have a status bar on the website. Well she whipped up this puppy. Log on to EKC10 to check it out. Here is what it looks like. As I move into each phase of the kit shipping process the status bar  will indicate the same.   How perfect is this.



  1. I’m interested in joining the kit lub. Is it to late?


  2. Laura Larson-Greiert says:

    I LOVE IT…. Thank you so much Jen for someone like me who has had kits returned this way I know if there is a shipping issue without sending an e-mail and getting frustrated. You are Top of the Class….

  3. Linda Vazquez says:

    Kathy, I think Jen should get Employee of the Year !! I hope to get a chance to meet her at Steampunk. You ladies ROCK.

  4. Yeah!!! Jen rocks! Thanks

  5. Peggy Kempf says:

    I have to agree Jen is a genius! That is a great idea! I’m very glad she came up with it! Jen has been very helpful for me and I really appreciate her. She definitely is a keeper! So while I have the chance I want to thank Jen for being so helpful to me, Thank you very much Jen. And Kathy Thank you for coming up with these lovely ideas!

  6. Judy Hanson says:

    Jen is a genius! Thanks so much!

  7. Artsychik Jeanne says:

    Well 3 cheers for Jen. What a marvelous idea. Kathy she’s a keeper. Give her your GOLD STARS. LOL!!!!!!

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