Feb 2014 Bonus Project Preview

Kit Club Member and Digital Kit Club Members, the Cutting Guide and How to videos are posted to the Kit Club website.  Enjoy!  I hope you love making this project as much as I have!!


Here is a link to the Join the Digital Kit club for this project Click Here


  1. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Sorry, I forget to say; The february bonus project…

  2. Gudveig Mjaanes says:

    Helle Kathy! I am so impressed over all of the kit-club projects! So looking forward for the kit! So sorry it is impossible for me to watch on the Instagram channel live due to the time difference. I have only one question, I can not find anything in the bonus project folder? Is it only me, or will it all appear later on? Wish you a nice vacation!
    Love from Gudveig from Norway

  3. Tessa Luis says:

    Hi Kathy I always watching all your videos I’m a frustrated beginner scrapbooker I have some materials here but as I saw your stuff it’s soo gorgeous and amazing I would like to start to basic but I don’t have idea how you make the albums become thicker and looks stronger?mine I already made some 12×12 sheets on my album but it looks like woobly or wiggled if I turn to the next page.should I put card stock on it?i hope you still have time to reply on this comment.thank you and more power to you.your so talented I start to love you now and you know what as I watching your videos your so cool your giving your viewer a good vibe the way you laugh lol.anyway more power

  4. I love it. I am going to make some for gifts for my 3 sisters they will love it!

    Tina xxx

  6. Im in love with the Feb. bonus what a terrific project, Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, I’m always amazed by what you come up wih next.

  7. Another crazy-cool creation! (And that’s some sassy lingerie … Or a cute top, girlfriend!)

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