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Hello everyone, Happy Hump Day!


I recently made an announcement on my Ustream channel regarding a change in my delivery method of classes and class videos. I know many of you don’t get to watch my classes regularly. So I wanted to reiterate my conversation here on the blog for those of you who follow me here and via other avenues.

I temporarily discontinued my weekly Ustream classes. This is due to a shoulder problem that I have. I love crafting and I need to be able to do it as I can and not keep such a busy schedule.


What does this mean to you


All projects that would have been done on Ustream will now be done on YouTube. This way I can work at my own pace, create the project once and continue to share the project coming together with you all. For those who subscribe to my video library, Youtube classes will be uploaded to . This way you do not have to search for classes on YouTube.  All videos will  be catalogued in just as the ustream videos were.

Kit club members


Kit club private videos will only be available on the kit club blog. This will not change these videos have always been available to kit club members only and will continue this way. Again these videos will only be available on the kit club blog as always.

You will see the transition from Ustream to Youtube with the upcoming project-Little Miss Cupcake. Once I post the tutorial for sale, the classes will go up on YouTube, and will be uploaded to

I will be posting a new schedule for project we need to finish up.  This schedule can be found on the left hand side of my blog.  For those who purchase my kits, you will receive the tutorial and videos via a link sent you to via email.


As always, if you ever have any questions regarding any of my kits, tutorials or practices you can always contact me to ensure you are getting factual information. You can contact me via my blog by clicking on the contact me tab.


Remember this format is just temporary. I will be having chitchat session on Ustream every other Friday starting, September 27, 2013, at 7 PM Central Time. I hope to see you all there.

Thank you so much and I know you guys will enjoy the new format.


  1. Kathy. I would like to encourage all of your fans (to know you is love you) to join the Kathy Orta Files Fan Club Facebook page. We would like to keep everyone abreast of the great “Paper phenomenon news details and happenings”. Our goal is to support Kathy’s endeavors as well as just plain old LOVE her. So I hope that if you want a completely positive and happy place for KO fans,come join us.

  2. I must have the PP curse….I’m going to miss ANOTHER chat (my high school reunion starts on the 27th) 🙁

  3. Kathy, is there a need for us to download the kit club tutorials on our computers or will they always be on your blog for us to watch? Thanks.

  4. Wish you the best!
    Get better!
    I will continue see u in Youtube!

  5. Thank you for reiterating and clearing up what must have been a lot of confusion. While I like chatting with everyone, I love the You Tube format, as it seems easier to pause, fast forward and from your end, probably edit if need be. Plus I love getting mail that says “A new video has been uploaded by . . .”

  6. You have to take care of your health first!
    Just know we will be here no matter what format!
    Paper Phenomenon Junkie FOREVER!!!!

  7. kelleyscraps says:

    fridays is better than NO Kathy at all….my queen take time for healing yourself, (and maybe now I can catch up on some fabulous projects hehehe) I’ll be “seeing” you on box and Youtube. Healing prayers are sent your way

  8. Hi Kathy,
    I realy will miss your Ustream classes!
    I hope you will feel better soon!
    I love how you been as a person!
    Get wel soon!

  9. Hope you feel better ma belle, looking forward for your videos on YT.

  10. I hope that you start to feel better and get some time to relax without having to run on a strick schedule! Will miss you but I know that you have to take care of yourself! Will see you on Friday To chat!!

  11. Take care of that shoulder! Will be looking for your classes on Youtube! 🙂

  12. Thanks for the update. Do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself!

  13. Thank you for the clarification, I appreciate it very much.

  14. you are such an inspiration to many crafters and I can totally understand your pain and suffering. you have given us so much that doing your vidios on Youtube does not bother me at all. I would rather have you healthy and continue with awesome tuturials. hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  15. Sorry to hear your should has flaired up again. Take care of yourself.

  16. Sorry to hear your should has flaired up again. Take care of yourself.

  17. Hi kathy… I hope all is well and that you recover soon. Hugs all the wy from the Philippines 🙂

  18. 🙂

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