I need your Help!!!

Hi Everyone!!! I am shamelessly asking for your VOTE.  Annie’s Publishing entered my book into a contest with Walmart !!! I made it through the first round- Yay!!!
Second round is where you come in!!! See info Below!!!!

The Voting Process
Voting runs from now through September 2; you may vote once per day. To vote, visit the product page and click the Vote button. Judges will use vote totals as an indicator of public support, to help give them an idea of products’ commercial viability. 



  1. I haven’t forgotten voted again today : )

  2. Voted Kathy for you! I haven’t been around much but still love, love, LOVE ya!


  3. voted & good luck!

  4. Done! I enjoy your videos tremendously. I’m happy to help in any way that I am able! 🙂

  5. Gladly will vote for your teachings to be more widely available! I love the book, got it direct from Annie’s the first day it became available 😎 Now, if we could get you to SOUTHERN California for a workshop, ????? Then I could get it signed personally!

  6. Of course I voted!! I am stalking your site daily waiting for all the amazing new ideas you have. Thanks for sharing with us!!
    Hugz, Kimmy

  7. Geez …. yesterday only voted for one. In this generation of “quick fix” I just clicked the button and moved on. Today I realized there are 2 things to vote for! Geez. Perhaps I need Kathy to make a tutorial and video for me on how to vote at Walmart!! LOL

  8. Of course done! Voted yesterday and today.

  9. Did it Kathy!…tomorrow again!.. 😉

  10. I would love to vote but I don’t do Facebook!!! Is there another way!?

  11. voted for both 🙂
    If you post reminders, people will remember better 🙂

  12. Kathy,

    I have voted. Good luck!!!

  13. Happy to…….GOOD LUCK!!

  14. Voted 4 both!!

  15. Done. Have voted for you.

  16. I wanted to support you and I tried to vote for you but I don’t do Facebook so it would not allow me to. Sorry, I hope you make it into Wal-Mart as I would certainly look for your stuff there.

  17. Voted and will continue to. Would love to be able to go locally to get your book! Good luck 🙂


  18. I posted on my blog. Let’s cross our fingers that is helps to get you even more votes!


  19. It is a given!! The book, the Lullaby memories, and all your tutorials are number one in my book. I am so excited that I found your site. I have been creating daily. Finished an awesome baby album, and now a travel purse. Next, on to the paperbag album. Need to work some.OT to purchase .more. LOL. You are the best. So glad I found your tutorials and blogspot

  20. You got it Kathy!!!

  21. I voted and will do so everyday!!!

  22. You got it girlfriend!

  23. I voted for your book and video good luck Diane

  24. Voted, shared on Facebook, and Tweeted:-)

  25. Done! Now if my CRS self can remember to do it everyday…. 🙂

  26. Happy to vote…done! 😀

  27. done!

  28. It’s a done deal Kathy & happy to do it!

  29. voted hope you win

  30. Done. I will vote again tomorrow! 🙂

  31. voted!! good luck ! I know you got this!!

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