Peek See of Lullaby Memories Keepsake Box and Mini Scrapbook

Check out the class and/ or DVD Here


  1. OMG these are stunning,gorgeous details and colours.

    Easy to make!!!

    Wow…This is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job. Beautiful cards.

  2. Just signed up for the class! Every year before my nieces head back to school/college they come and spend time crafting with me. They wanted to make/decorate some kind of box to put on their dressers and this will be perfect,especially with the hidden compartment! Of course I’ll assemble it ahead of time so they can decorate and embellish, but it will be just perfect!

  3. BTW – love the changes to the tabs on the header above. Looks great and very user friendly!

  4. Such a sweet project! I am getting ready to start the boy version for my new great nephew!!

  5. I love this box! I just might have to buy the DVD and take you home with me Kathy! lol

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