Hi All– Just a little reminder.  No Workshop Wednesday today.  But it is still Hump Day!!!
Happy Hump Day Everyone.  Just want to share my newest favorite commercial!!


  1. Geico makes the most terrific commercials! Love Hump Day! Check out “Lee and Morty” on the new Swiffer commercials – I love this old couple!!!!!

    Thanks for the kit news and a great laugh to start the morning!


  2. Hump Day, Yeah!!
    He is so cute…i want one!

  3. That’ SO funny…..earlier today I told a co-worker the very same thing!!! LOVE that commercial – “guess what day it is?”
    Happy HUMP DAY to you too!!

  4. Hahahahahahaha Hump day es igual molestar o jorobar???

  5. !!!!! happy hump day MY QUEEN!!!!!

  6. WOO HOO…It’s hump day…LOL

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yippeee for hump day!!!!!

    Sad we are classless though 🙁

  8. Hump day is here!

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