National Scrapbook Day Project – Keepsake Box

Join us for Crafts and Laughs Today at 7PM CST on my Ustream Channel Here is a link or you can click on the Ustream Icon above.  Tutorial will be available tomorrow at 3PM CST


  1. Great proyect… you are such a talented lady!!

  2. it is deemed an amazing, stunning, basic and honest online video of your good plan. I’m this kind of fan of your operate! I’d require a chew associated with sweet off the shrub any day. rs gold

  3. Hi Kathy!!! Missed most of your live stream so will have to watch recording. Love this project!!!

  4. kathleen schantz says:

    Great idea for magnets,keep up the good work

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Thanks for great shows and being great teacher!!!
    Debbie Hopkins

  8. Fantastico idea how u recess the magnets! Blessu for your creativity!

  9. I love you and everything you do – thank you so much

  10. What number is me??????

  11. Hi Love the show
    Mary NEll

  12. Loving this project. Thank you for all you do. I need these masculine projects for my 3 sons.

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  14. Loving this!!!! xoxoxoxo

  15. You never cease to amaze me! I am thinking I need to make one of these for my son who graduates in another 3 yrs, God willing!!! I had to laugh when you showed the cover I was thinking that is NOT Robbie, then you said “this is not my son.” I kept thinking who IS that, Kathy has a son she’s been hiding from us! LOL.

  16. Love love love it. I am going to make several for future graduates. Kathy, you’ve done it again. Can’t believe I have so many favorites.

  17. Loving this Kathy! My son graduates next year so this would be perfect!! I also love that it can be made for any occasion! You are fabulous my dear!

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