Rub n’ Buff Concerns

Hi all- Some of you have expressed some safety concerns about Rub n’ Buff during my class. I want to share the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on this product with you all as I know many of you have invested $$ on this product.

You have also suggested Gilders Paste- below is the MSDS for this product as well.  According to the MSDS for both these products, I don’t see were one is safer than the other. 

MSDS Rub n’ Buff

MSDS for Gilders Paste

As I have stated in my class- don’t put your hands in your month, just don’t eat it!!!  LOL


  1. Use common sense in everything. I wonder how many who are concerned about the toxicity of this color their hair! You are exposed to more toxic chemicals in hair coloring and perms than this! It is not like your exposed to this on a daily basis for hours on end!
    If you have a medical condition that may affect you, use care in anything you use! Don’t smoke while using, both products are flammable! If you do smoke (as I do), your getting more toxic chemicals through smoking! I think it all boils down to what you prefer. One product may be more desirable for different people. Both products seem to do the same thing. If your still concerned about it, use gold acrylic paint!

  2. MuffinTop says:

    “Steps to Be Taken In Case Material is Spilled: Use mineral spirits. Wash hands with soap and water. Wipe with paper towel. Dispose of paper towel in trash.”

    OMG!! That sounds soooo hazardous to me. So, do we call out the Hazmat team before or after we throw away the paper towel??? (Hazmat is CA hazardous material division that cleans up after toxic spills)

    Love you Kathy, you have personality AND talent …. a rare combo. It is always a joy to listen to your show! 🙂

  3. If you want non-toxic, shop in the Crayola aisle. lol

  4. OMG! Are they trying to eat the Rub’n Buff? They could wear gloves or use a small brush. They should read the hazards on nail polish, acrylic nails, furniture polish or new materials like laminate & carpet. And their fake nails are sometimes used in their mouth! We just love your projects so please don’t stop, Kathy. YEAH Rub’n Buff!

  5. Have the same people who complain about Rub’n Buff read the hazards on nail polish, furniture polish or their prescriptions meds? Or have they investigated how many toxins are in new materials, such as carpeting, laminate or hair spray? Or acrylic nails? Geesh, get a life people! Don’t eat the Rub’n Buff! Keep up the good work, Kathy!

  6. but it made my roast beef look so pretty when i served it for dinner…. it had that special glow that only rub and buff can delivered….. “NOT” i’m sorry thanks for taking the EXTRA time to post this…… kathy your a goddess

  7. Other ustream class instructors person opinion is what the people are using as facts. Don’t worry Kathy I personally feel if you were trying to kill us, you would hot glue our chat ability closed. :> hugs to you

  8. Oh man Kathy, what has happened to common sense and taking responsibility for your own actions?
    People, just read the package directions and warnings, then use responsibly.
    In some cities, the air we’re breathing isn’t safe.

  9. I agree Kathy… it’s great stuff if you just be sensible and wash your hands after using… bit like the toilet actually!! Outa control, sista!!!! tee hee… love you and your work, and thanks for the inspiration
    Frankie /Dragonsitter

  10. Personally, I don’t know why it would be any more toxic than oil paints–which I have used for years. (Don’t eat them either.) LOL

  11. Thanks, I figured you were still alive from using it so it shouldn’t bother me. Then again you could have grown a third leg and we would never know lol

  12. I figured it was safe since you have been using it and you don’t seem to have grown a third arm yet

  13. Thanks, I figured you were still alive from using it so it shouldn’t bother me. Then again you could have grown a third leg and we would never know lol

  14. Oh I thought it would make a good main course for supper! Shoot, got to find something else to make.

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